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My Journey

I began my audiobook career in 2014. Like a lot of narrators, I started out with ACX. Almost immediately I realised that simply auditioning on ACX was not sustainable as a career, and so after my second audiobook I began reaching out directly to authors. I made a full-time living narrating for authors which I used to move into narrating for publishers. Today, I have recorded with all the Big Five publishers as well as most of the major audiobook production houses in the U.S.


What is Audiobook Mentoring?

I prefer not to think of myself as a coach, but more as someone who can offer the kind of knowledge and information I wish I had known about when I first began my audiobook journey.


I can help with performance coaching or direction on specific projects. I can help connect you with the best people to go to for further performance or technical needs. Ways to protect your vocal health and workflow strategies to stay sane. Also, how to prep a script. How to deal with problem clients. How to go about approaching authors directly. How and when to make the leap to working directly with publishers.


I offer guidance in creating a sustainable career.

To book with me, please click the link below. I charge $100 for a 60 minute session. Please make sure to send payment via paypal ahead of the session. Thanks!

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